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Keeping your flooring choice clean and shiny takes very little work. With the proper preparation and maintenance, you can keep your flooring looking beautiful and give it additional protection. Polyurethane flooring protection will help to give your flooring that additional protection to help it withstand wear and tear. Whether you are installing a new floor or simply want to give your old flooring new life, a polyurethane flooring application can help

If you are installing new floors, an application of polyurethane flooring sealant can help to seal in the color or stain and it can offer additional protection. The polyurethane gives the flooring the protection that can help inhibit staining and make it easier to keep them clean. Skipping this step carries the risk that your flooring may become dull and will be much more susceptible to damage. That is why you want to be sure that you include polyurethane flooring sealant as your final step in installing your new wood floors.
Giving your old floors new shine and life can be very simple. If you have wood floors that already have a layer of polyurethane, you can often just apply new polyurethane over the old. It is best to do a patch test as described by your polyurethane manufacturer first, however. If you are not sure about the sealant on your existing flooring, it may be necessary to sand them and then apply polyurethane. Either way, after a few layers of polyurethane have been applied and dried, your floors will have new life and beauty.
Polyurethane comes in oil and water based varieties. The water based polyurethane flooring coating is often used simply because it dries much quicker, does not smell as strong as the oil based polyurethane. It is also easy to cleanup with water. Oil based polyurethane will take a little longer to dry and it will have more of a smell. This type of polyurethane is known for looking warmer, due to the solvents and oils in the base. Make sure that the polyurethane that you choose is compatible with the stain that you are using. This can be done by checking with the manufacturer.
Polyurethane flooring protection can be just the thing that your floors need to help them withstand normal wear and tear and stay looking beautiful. The shine can vary from a high gloss to semi-glass to a satin sheen to allow you to find the right look for your home. By applying it as directed by the flooring and polyurethane manufacturers, you will be able to make your flooring more beautiful and strong.

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