Olefin Berber Carpet

Olefin Berber carpet is the answer for those who want the Berber carpet look without its price. Berber carpet and olefin are the perfect marriage for some situations. Olefin doesn’t stain easily, but it also doesn’t hold up to traffic or dragging furniture across it.

Berber carpet comes in several different fiber types. Initially it seems somewhat confusing when trying to compare nylon to wool to olefin fibers and trying to determine which one is right for you in your home. The natural fibers of nylon and wool are slightly more expensive than the olefin Berber carpet, but the additional cost in the beginning may be more than worth it in a few years, especially if you are looking for carpeting that will last for many years.

Olefin Berber carpet is one of the most inexpensive fibers of Berber carpet that you can find. Many people choose olefin Berber carpet because of its stain resistant properties, but it is important to learn more about Berber carpet and olefin to ensure that you are satisfied with your purchase for many years. Olefin fibers resist all stains, except those that are oil-based, which is excellent in homes where children or pets live. They are very easy to clean and to treat stains, but they are very susceptible to turning gray or dingy looking from cleaning. Learning more about different kinds of Berber carpet and olefin carpets will help you to determine which kind is best for you and your needs in your home.
One of the bad qualities of Olefin fiber is that is very susceptible to crushing and flattening, which is impossible to repair. It can be crushed by furniture sitting on it for a long period of time. You might not notice this at first because the furniture is sitting on it, but if you decide to rearrange your furniture, you may find that you have sections of olefin Berber carpet that is crushed or flattened. Traffic patterns show faster too. It is virtually impossible to repair the carpeting after it is crushed or flattened. The low flash point of olefin is another issue that you want to consider, because something as simple as dragging furniture across the floor can cause a permanent mark on your carpet. It’s important to learn about both the pros and cons of your carpet choice before you purchase your carpeting.
Weighing the pros and cons of olefin Berber carpet is essential for you to get the maximum value for your investment. Learning more about the different kinds of Berber carpet will help you to become a more informed consumer so that you make a decision that you are completely satisfied with. It may take a little more time to do your research and make your decision, but you are more likely to like and enjoy your carpeting for much longer if you will put forth this extra effort.

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