The Pros And Cons Of Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Imported hardwoods like Brazilian cherry flooring are popular for their bold, rich color. We've found that Brazilian cherry works very well for “warming up” an otherwise pale room by adding an interesting color to the floor.

We won't be surprised if may still be wondering whether Brazilian cherry hardwood is right for your application, though. 

The exact choice you make for your flooring is one of the most important decisions you can make for the overall appearance of your room.

Pros of Brazilian Cherry Flooring

I Can Really Warm Up a Room

If you have a room with a large window that lets a lot of sunlight in, a darker flooring like Brazilian cherry can absorb some of that light so the room doesn't seem as bright. It can also provide contrast for a room with primarily light colors.

That way, you can reduce complaints that a room is too bright when you want to have the shades fully open.

Brazilian Cherry Flooring is Pretty Durable

This is one of the most recommended exotic hardwood flooring options for installation in high traffic areas of the home because it can take the punishment of young children and pets walking and running on it frequently.

When Installed Correctly, Brazilian Cherry is One of the Most Water Resistant Woods

Much of the water damage that happens to hardwoods occurs because water seeps down between the boards and gets trapped where you can't see it.

A proper installation makes it less likely that a lot of water will seep between the boards when something got spilled if you can wipe up the spill right away.

It Looks Excellent in a Modern Style Room 

Homeowners who prefer a modern décor often choose Brazilian cherry flooring for its variation in color between boards. It makes a bold backdrop for a wide variety of color contrasts.

It Can Help Protect the Value of Your Home

If installed in areas like a living room or hallway. Homebuyers consider the material used for the flooring and its condition to be major factors in whether they decide to buy a particular home and how much they are willing to pay for it.

Cons Of Brazilian Cherry Flooring

Brazilian Cherry Flooring Often Gets Darker Over Time

The darkening process can take anywhere from a few days to a few months, depending on the amount of light that hits the floor and the type of finish that was used during the process of preparing the flooring for installation.

This can make it somewhat difficult to predict the exact final shade of the cherry flooring.

Brazilian Cherry Flooring Can Be Pricey

Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring is an imported wood that can be expensive. Beware of a Brazilian cherry flooring option that is drastically cheaper than comparable alternatives because it might be an inferior product or not even Brazilian cherry hardwood.

 For this reason, people who like the wood but not the price might choose a cheaper alternative like engineered hardwood or laminate that gives them a similar appearance for less money.

Improper Installation Can Lead to Damage

This is something that is true for all types of flooring.

However, hardwood flooring installation can be especially tricky because the same qualities that make hardwoods like Brazilian cherry durable also makes them not very flexible and prone to damage at the ends of each board if handled inappropriately. 

Damaged board ends deteriorate over time, reducing the lifespan of your new hardwood floor.

For this reason, we usually recommend hiring a fully qualified, licensed and bonded professional to handle the installation of your hardwood floor.

Brazilian Cherry Hardwood Does Not Do Well In High Humidity Rooms Like a Bathroom

If a lot of water moves through a room, it may not be a good candidate for a hardwood flooring installation because there is a risk of hidden leaks that might not be noticed until the damage is already obvious.

Plumbing that provides water for a bathroom may spring a leak and create water deposits that cause the wood to deteriorate.

Even if you just live in a humid climate, be sure to run a dehumidifier in the room with the hardwood flooring installation when you can to keep the ambient moisture from damaging the flooring over time.

Is Brazilian cherry hardwood flooring right for you? It can be if you take the time to install it properly and want a hardwood that will last for many years with proper care.

Brazilian cherry is an attractive option if you want to add warmth to a room and provide a good contrast to lighter colors in your décor.

We usually recommend it for people who like a nice modern look and want something that's pretty durable for high traffic areas in their home.

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  1. I have Brazilian Cherry in my living room , dining room , and stairs . We are redoing our kitchen and family room – is it a bad idea to install Brazilian Cherry in the kitchen ?? It’s a high traffic area , in Florida with lots of humidity . Thanks !

  2. why does it mark and show everything on the floor, especially prints from shoes, dogs and people walking on them. I love the floor but it makes me crazy.


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