Refinishable Engineered Wood Flooring

Refinishable engineered wood flooring is an environmental and affordable approach to getting a wood floor. It’s environmental because it is made of “junk” pieces with a thin (able to be sanded up to three times generally) ornamental surface. It’s affordable because the price is often lower than a solid piece of wood, especially if you are buying a rare kind of wood. And engineered wood flooring is more dimensionally stable, making it good over radiant heat, and in variable temperature conditions.

Engineered wood flooring has come a long way since its inception. And it’s generally refinishable. Gone are the days where the difference between solid and engineered wood floorings was the first thing noticed; now it takes a discerning eye to distinguish the difference between a quality engineered floor and the real thing.

The great thing is that these floors now come in a refinishable version that will allow you to refinish the floors to keep them in tip top condition for the lifetime of your home. Refinishable engineered wood flooring can save you money and can give your home a new look and appeal.
Refinishable engineered wood flooring is ideal for any renovation budget, no matter how large or small. It comes in a wide variety of types and styles to allow you to create the look that you desire in your home. From wide plank styles in oak and pine to thinner planks in more exotic species of wood like bamboo and zebrawood, you will find that refinishable engineered wood flooring can make huge impact in the eye-appeal of your home.
The benefits of refinishable engineered flooring are unparalleled. The manner in which it’s constructed allows you to use it in rooms like basements, kitchens, and bathrooms, and it’s durable construction will withstand the wear and tear that your family can dish out. You will be delighted with the way that these floors withstand the test of time.
Engineered flooring is made up of real wood and is made more durable because of the layered core. Some cores are made of plywood while others are any kind of wood layered to give dimensional strength and stability. The top layer is the decorative surface everyone sees. This gives you the look of real wood without the high price and some of the problems that are associated with hardwood floors.
The top layer of wood can generally be refinished if needed from one to three times. But it is important to carefully sand the floors, so that you don’t get below the hardwood layer and into the plywood layers. This can be done by you, but it may be best to use a professional to ensure that you will have the job done right. This refinishing can give your engineered wood flooring a new look that will add life and appeal to your room or home.
One of the best things about this kind of wood flooring is that it is easy to install, even for the most novice of do-it-yourself persons. You can choose the floating floor type that will allow you to install it over an existing floor, so long as it has an even surface, or you can choose the nail or glue-down type. This variety will allow you to find the flooring type that will work best for the type of floor it will be laid over, as well as your skill and experience level. Whether you choose to install it yourself or have a professional install your flooring, you will find that it will be installed quickly and easily.
Refinishable engineered wood flooring can give you the best of solid wood flooring without the expense. It offers you much greater flexibility in use and will give any room in your home a new and updated look that you will love.

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