Stone Kitchen Flooring

Stone kitchen flooring is ideal for some homes and lifestyles. Stone flooring in the kitchen looks great but takes a bit more care than other options, so select with care. Stone flooring choices include marble, slate, travertine, sandstone, limestone and granite tiles. To make your kitchen stone flooring more comfortable, consider laying radiant heat coils beneath the stone and using rubber mats where people tend to stand for long periods of time working, like a the stove and sink. Color choices for stone kitchen flooring run the range from beige to black, including reds and greens, so you can fit any decorating style and theme you have.

Have you ever thought of adding stone flooring to your kitchen? Stone flooring in the kitchen is a wonderful option. Installing stone kitchen flooring instantly makes your kitchen look more elegant and expensive. If you like the thought of having natural flooring, stone is a wonderful choice. There are several different options in stone flooring including marble, slate, travertine, sandstone, limestone and granite. Each kind of stone flooring offers the consumer a different look, so it is important to research each of the choices to make sure that you find the one that is right for your kitchen.

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Marble flooring in the kitchen is not usually a good idea unless you are willing to baby the floors. Marble is the softest stone of the commonly used stone floorings, so it is more susceptible to scratches and dents that may occur because of dropped pots, pans, or utensils.

Marble is very porous so may stain very easily; not a good characteristic in a space that’s prone to spills of staining items like red wine or grape juice and mustard. Marble’s worst enemy is acid, as found in fruit juices and vinegar, because it etches and dulls the finish.You need to be very careful if you choose marble flooring for your kitchen to seal it well and tend to spills quickly. If you use marble in your kitchen, then you will probably need to have it professionally cleaned and sealed every 9-12 months.

Slate tile flooring in the kitchen is another stone flooring choice. Slate tile is extremely durable and, when sealed, it is stain resistant, which makes it excellent for use in the kitchen. Slate tile comes in several different colors included red, green, brown, black and a mottled green; you are sure to find exactly what you are looking for in kitchen stone flooring. If you use a shiny sealer, the dark background lets dust show more than either a matte finish sealer or a lighter color stone.

Travertine flooring is a tasteful, beautiful flooring choice that will look great in any kitchen. It’s a cross between limestone and marble with a low porosity that makes it a good choice for use an a kitchen floor, if you select a hone-finished stone. It is more porous with a honed finish, making it more susceptible to staining, and like marble, it’s sensitive to acidic items, so sealing it is important. It also becomes extremely slick when it gets wet, which can happen very easily in the kitchen’ so a non-slip sealer would be wise to apply after installation.

Sandstone has variable durability, depending on the cementing material when it was formed. It tends to be very soft, so may not be the right choice for an active family. Sandstone tiles come in colors ranging from red to reddish-brown to gray, white, and yellow. If you seal sandstone after installation, it should withstand stains and be easier to clean up.
Limestone has a lovely non-slip surface, making it a good choice for kitchen floors. It has oil resistant properties and its water absorption is almost nil. Its color range is soft beiges and tans. Though it’s more resistant to water and oil than some other stone options, it still needs to be sealed to keep it at its best and to make it easier to clean and care for.
Granite tile is the hardest stone kitchen flooring so is able to withstand a lot of traffic. The highly polished stone is easy to clean, but if it gets too smooth it gets slippery when wet. The beautiful randomness of colors in the granite tile will make your kitchen into the showplace that you have always wanted it to be. Granite tile is also stain resistant and easy to clean. This makes it a great stone flooring choice for your kitchen.

Kitchen stone flooring is a wonderful choice for any decorating style in the kitchen. Although many people think of stone as an expensive, cold, and hard flooring choice, you need to keep in mind that since it is permanent flooring and very durable it will most likely last for your entire lifetime. As for the coldness and hardness of stone flooring, there are several ways to combat this. Radiant heat can be placed in the floors and most stone flooring choices can be installed over the heat to warm up the tiles. Adding throw rugs in areas where you stand to prepare and cook food will help to make the stone more resilient and comfortable to stand on.

Installing stone flooring in the kitchen will instantly add value and elegance to your home. If you are looking for a permanent flooring solution that will go with many different decorating styles, then stone flooring could be the choice for you.

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