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how to use marble tile

Marble tile is an undoubtedly beautiful, elegant and classic flooring material. Marble is also incredibly strong and completely waterproof. As a natural stone, there are no concerns of off-gassing or toxins releasing from the flooring breaking down over time. So why don’t we see designers and homeowners singing the praises of marble as often these … Read more

Garage Tile Flooring

Garage tile flooring is one way to finish the garage floor that will be easy to maintain. When a tile is stained, pick it up and replace it with a clean one. Add color and texture too, if you so desire.

The garage is one area where most homeowners do not put much thought or effort into flooring. This could be a huge mistake, however, as this area can become something much more than a storage area for your cars. It can become a beautiful extension of your home that will add beauty and value to your home and your life. What are some of the options in garage tile flooring?

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Go Green with Soya Stain Concrete Flooring!

soy based concrete stain
Going green is a big business in all-different facets of life, including home building and remodeling. Most people assume that things like stain cannot be made more environmentally friendly, but manufacturers are finding more environmentally friendly ways to stain concrete areas and more. This type of concrete stain is made from natural ingredients is much safer for you and for the environment.Installing soy-based concrete stain for your flooring is completely environment friendly and a green idea.


Why stained concrete?


Staining concrete is a wonderful way to give concrete a better look, so that it becomes more of a piece of the decor, rather than a boring gray floor. It can add a touch of semi-transparent color to your concrete floors to give them more textural interest and color. Concrete is not the only place that you can use this soy-based stain, either.Selecting soy-based concrete stain for your floors is one of the most innovative and socially responsible decisions of the era.


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Everything You Wanted to Know about Stained Concrete Flooring


Stained concrete flooring can solve many flooring questions and issues. By being a hard surface, it collects less dust and dirt, agents that cause problems for people with allergies. You can create the look you want with the scoring patterns you select, and the color you choose for stain. As long as you have a solid, stable foundation, the flooring shouldn’t crack or move either.