Add Beauty And Quality To The Home With Presence of Travertine Flooring

Qualified Flooring is necessary for a home and what is says about the age of the home. Though there are many types of flooring, it is your responsbility to choose the consistent one for your home. Travertine flooring is there to help you acheive your goal.

Travertine flooring is not limited as it includes tile and mosaic. If you want to increase the durability of your flooring, then travertine mosaic is your only solution.

Travertine is basically a type of stone flooring which will give both durability and also beauty to your home. It is a natural sedminetary rock that belongs to the category of limestone family. Its beauty is calssified into onyx marble, Mexican onyx, Egyptian alabaster and oriental alabaster. 

You may ask what is the special purpose of this flooring for various locations like home and office?

Pros & Cons Of Installing Travertine Flooring

  • Various Style Options
  • Easy to Install
  • Long Lasting
  • Beautiful Flooring Choice
  • This stone may react with acidic products
  • It may be slippery in wet conditions

Creation Of Travertine

Travertine stone is made when minerals are disintegrated in ground water. They are supposed to be brought to the surface by geysers, rivers and springs. It is also obtained if limestone is placed under pressure for long periods of time.

If travertine is placed under pressure for a long time, it will become marble. Travertine is better quality than limestone and marble is better than travertine.

When this travertine is supposed to udnergo the manufacturing process of travertine tile, it follows a cutting operation. The stones are getting converted into thin tiles. These tiles undergo further finishing touches to give them a smooth look.

Under the finishing are four kinds of Tile
  • Polished
  • Honed
  • Brushed
  • Tumbled

Polished tiles have a a brighter shine, since it undergoes polishing untill it is flattened and smoothed enough to catch and reflect light.

Honed tiles have a matte finish and also look flat and smooth. Brushed and tumbled tiles are textured.​

The consistency of travertine is equal to other tile stone floors. It is equal to marble in that it may break and crack. In order to make it last for a long time, it has sealant added. The unsealed travertine should not be used in food preparation areas, since it will absorb any straing quickly and is very difficult to remove.

If the place is a more populated area, then travertine mosaic would be a more suitable choice. Mosaic is able to carry heavy loads in comparison with travertine tile. Travertine tile with most often come with a hardness rating of about 4 in manufacturing which is similar to marble strength.

Application In Residential Buildings

Travertine has been used for thousands of years for residential buildings. If you compare marble with travertine, travertine is easy to see and so its vast application can be seen in higher trafficked areas. Today, it is used not only for flooring but also in wall coverings.

If it is unsealed and unpolished, it may react with acids. Even a simple orange can leave a stain on the floor. For this cause it is more important to avoid unsealed flooring particularly in food preparation areas.

If you want to add flooring to your home in a timley manner, you can opt for travertine flooring, since installation of travertine flooring seems to be very easy. On the other hand, if it is polished and sealed, it will become durable and reliable.​ It may not be a suitable choice for bathroom flooring.

If you want to add bauty to your home, you can install this travertine. It comes in various colors like ivory, beige, walnut and gold.​

Travertine Is Easy To Clean

Travertine stone flooring is very easy to clean and is said to be eco-friendly. It will be more prominent for your home as it does not absorb odors or gases. Since it is sealed, the dirt will remain in an upper layer of stone instead of staying in the ground. Therefore, it can be easily removed. 

There are both pros and cons of travertine flooring and you should adjust the lifetysle and needs according to the technology. Travertine tile flooring​ will help you create a new look for your home. If you want to increase the durability of your flooring, then you can opt for travertine mosaic flooring. The consistency can be observed with travertine flooring. Therefore, if you think that flooring is also associated with the responsibility of adding beaty to you home, then you can choose this flooring. It has various advantages: 

  • It is an eco-friendly stone
  • It is a very decorative stone
  • It adds quality to your home

Sealed travertine flooring is more prominent for the kitchen, since it will help in removing staind easily. If you add beauty to your home, then you can choose for travertine mosaic flooring which will not only serve to beautify but also add quality to your home.

263 thoughts on “Add Beauty And Quality To The Home With Presence of Travertine Flooring”

  1. Our floor is prone to cracks that have & are developing over a 2 year time frame. We have underfloor heating which may confuse the issue further. Any ideas?!

  2. What kind of tile would you suggest for a hall bath. There will be a seldom used shower in it. If we go with a polished look, would travertine or marble be better- or should we stay away from both

  3. Andy,
    The best option with the travertine flooring is to be sure it is sealed well to increase its strength and durability. However, the hot/cold – on/off of the heating system may be adding to your problems.
    I would check with the manufacturers of the stone and see if this is a known issue. They may be able to offer suggestions.

  4. Karen,
    Both Travertine and marble are slippery when wet. But, with a seldom used shower maybe you could put down a bath mat for those stepping out of the shower. Design is personal preference and you should pick the one that looks best to you.

  5. We have run into a problem on our travertine floors at our office. We see that the area’s that use the rollers on our desk chairs in the office wear down the travertine tile floor in that area. It looks like it has lost its appearance and looks very dull. The area looks like it is starving for more sealer. We often apply a sealer to bring some of the finish back to this area. We are looking for a product that will stand up to rollers under the desk chairs all year round and retain that beautiful finish and still look like the rest of the floors in the building. The lobies and walk ways all look fine. It is just where the desk chairs with rollers wear down the finish.
    Hoping you can help with a product that will retain a matt finish or a slight shine on the floor in the desk area and throughout the office.

  6. It seems that all the postings and questions are repetitious, i recomend that the reps and installers make their clients aware of the fact that travertine is very porous and soft thus making its beautifull on display and when first installed but like a wood window needs very high maintanence

  7. 4 years ago i bought & had installed 18 x 18 travertine floor in our theater room. 2 years ago had problem with filler popping out. had it fixed & resealed. 2 years later having same problem. the highest traffic area seem ok ” strange! ” while other areas having problems. once the filler pops out the hole becomes larger very quickly. i was told that my tile was not good quality but as i looked before i bought my tiles have less filler & looks better than a lot of tiles i have seen in flooring showrooms. i need to resolve this, how & what should i use to fill & seal this room. i like the look & feel of the room. HELP !!!

  8. Richard,
    It seems to be easy to get variable quality stone within a pallet, or purchase. Perhaps you need to go to the store where you bought the stone and resolve it with them.
    Some questions: What’s that floor above — another part of the house, a finished
    or unfinished basement, crawlspace, — as opposed to the floor that’s lasting
    well? What kind of vapor barrier or moisture proofing does the house, or those
    specific spaces have? How is the grout in that room, holding up?
    (wondering if there is some kind of moisture issue in that area)
    Filling travertine is outside of my expertise and I really don’t know what to suggest about the repair. But, I would suggest that you talk to the stone supplier.

  9. My husband and I are currently looking to replace half of our main floor area with tile. We have considered slate and now travertine. We are replacing a ceramic tile floor that has cracks and grout problems. We are going to replace the sub floor and hope to get an ace installer to do the work. We take good care of our current floor. Keeping it vacuumed and washed with liquid dish detergent once a week. It is currently low maintenance. As much as i like the look of travertine, I am hesitant to take on a 550 square foot nightmare. It would be under our kitchen table, in the food prep area, front entrance and back laundry room entrance as well as the entrance to the garage. Is this a poor choice. Should we just go with a high quality porcelain tile for ease of care?

  10. Calgary,
    Travertine flooring should have sealant in order to increase travertine’s durability; unsealed travertine shouldn’t be used in food is prep areas because it will absorb grease and food spills.
    For high-traffic areas, some experts suggest using travertine mosaic flooring because the smaller size of the stones can help prevent cracking as occasionally seen in larger tiles.
    I would compare the advantages of both the porcelain and the travertine, and choose which one you feel will fit your needs the best.

  11. Hi there, I just found your website. We recently bought a house with travertine in the front hallway. The finish seems rather dull and does have some ‘circle’ stain marks on it.
    Of course, I don’t know what caused the circle marks. Should this floor be sealed and what is the best way to take care/clean travertine floors?

  12. Hi,
    We are about to install Travertine in our kitchen and baths. I was wondering if you can recommend the best sealant to use? And is it better to lay with grout or without.
    Thank-you for your advice!!

  13. We are redoing our kitchen,entrance,and laundry room,and are thinking of going with dura stone,or polished travertine,or dura ceramic. Can you tell us the pros and cons of each,or which would be the overall best to go with. My husband does not like to go with just plain hard ceramic tile. Thank you.

  14. I’ve bought travertine tiles as well a bathtub, with its natural condition, our projector is going to put on some sealant but still a lot of holes on the surface. Should we be brave to go ahead or we should stop and turn to another material? Pls help me out.
    Thank you,

  15. Fran,
    The main problem with this stone is that it is porous and susceptible to acids when it is unsealed and unpolished. Even common things such as vinegar or orange juice can affect and stain your unsealed travertine flooring.
    Polished and sealed travertine, on the other hand, is considered durable and reliable.
    When cleaning the floor, be sure to follow manufacturer’s instructions for the sealer that is used.
    Another article that may help is Stone Floor Care.


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