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This “article” comes from various questions readers had about bamboo flooring. These questions were found in the comment sections of various bamboo floor articles, but hard to find among the myriad questions and comments. Pulling the question out of the comments sections and compiling them into an article allows you to have easier access to that information.You may find your questions, and answers, here.

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Quality Bamboo Flooring Options – TheFlooringlady

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Bamboo wood flooring is commonly manufactured through a process that starts by splitting and flattening the bamboo. The layers of bamboo are then dried and laminated with glue under high pressure. In order to produce bamboo hardwood flooring that has coloring similar to that of darker woods, the bamboo is heated, a process that softens the bamboo. This means that darker bamboo floors are generally softer than the lighter ones.

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Laminate Wood Floor Durability

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This “article” is the result of questions readers had for me because they felt their situation or concerns weren’t addressed in the various laminate flooring articles they had read. Since comments aren’t available now I want you to have access to the abundant information provided through these conversations. You may find your questions about the durability of laminate flooring addressed by the answers.

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Laminate Wood Flooring: Laminate Floor Installation

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This “article” comes from comments left by readers, with answers from The Flooring Lady. Since comments aren’t an option anymore I wanted you to have easier access to the wealth of information derived from the three-plus years of the questions and answers. This collection of Comments and replies covers how to install laminate floors.

I had laminate flooring installed in my kitchen and eating “nook” in 2006. The ends of some of the planks are separating, and I don’t know what to do about it. Has anyone seen anything like this?

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Laminate Flooring : Home

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Laminate flooring is a type of flooring that is constructed from multiple layers. Usually there is an inner layer made of melamine resin, high-density fiber or wood particles, and a surface layer made with a photographic appliqué layer underneath a transparent protective top layer. The appliqué layer simulates wood and, on occasion, stone. The various … Read more

Engineered Flooring

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Although somewhat more expensive than laminate flooring, engineered flooring provides the customer with a cost-effective alternative to solid wood flooring. There is a wide range of engineered flooring available to the consumer, from softwoods such as pine and fir, to hardwoods such as ash and oak. Engineered oak flooring, for example, is a popular choice for its beauty, both in grain, texture and color.

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The Concept of Hardwood flooring and its many options

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Hardwood flooring is 100 percentage natural material and it directly milled from lumber. It can react to changes in setting such as moisture and temperature, which may change shrink and expand. The solid wood floors cannot be attached with grounds or bathrooms.After tearing out that dirt-encrusted, coffee-stained, threadbare wall-to-wall carpeting, you realize that the underlying floor has also decided to go south. Seized by the desire to lay down some gorgeous hardwood flooring, you’re standing at your local hardware shop gaping at the vast array of options available. Luckily, you came prepared with this helpful guide.


Different types of options in Hardwood flooring:


Hardwood flooring is a natural and quality products and it contain many options. They are follow.

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