Cheap Linoleum

If you are looking to redo a floor in your home, you may have considered linoleum, especially if you are looking for a cheaper floor. Yes, it is true, you can find linoleum that is much cheaper than all of the other flooring options. While cheap linoleum may seem like the natural option, you should … Read more

The Types of Vinyl Flooring – That You Need to Know – TheFlooringlady


Table of Content Quick Navigation Installing New Vinyl FlooringWhy Choose Vinyl For Your FlooringTile Vinyl or Roll Vinyl. Which is the Right Choice for Your InstallPreparing the Room For Vinyl Flooring InstallationInstalling the Vinyl FloorRemoving Asbestos FlooringHow To Check If There Is Asbestos Flooring In Your HomeYour Options: Removal Or Installing A New Floor On … Read more