Best Carpet Flooring of 2018 [My Reviews & Comparisons]

best carpet flooring

Report this ad When you are purchasing new carpet tiles for your home, business, or recreational area, it can be difficult to compare one product to another. Unfortunately, there is a significant difference between carpet tile quality, performance, durability, and aesthetics.  Follow this complete review and comparison guide on five popular carpet tile choices on the market … Read more

Olefin Carpet

When shopping for new carpet, you may hear about something called olefin carpeting.  Olefin is simply a term for the propylene fibers used in this type of carpet. It’s popular as a synthetic substitute for wool because it brings a wool-like appearance to applications like carpet and area rugs that use a berber-style or level-loop … Read more

Green Carpet Pads & Carpet Pad Recycling

Quick Navigation Green Carpet PadsAll There Is To Know About Environmentally Friendly Carpet PadsWhat Makes A Carpet Pad Green?1. Recycling2. Natural3. Non- ToxicWhere Do You Find Environmentally Friendly Carpet Padding?Does Environmentally Friendly Carpet Padding Work?Recycling Carpet PadsWhy Recycle Your Carpet Padding?How To Recycle A Carpet Pad Green Carpet PadsWhen referring to “green carpet pads,” we’re … Read more