Olefin Carpet

When shopping for new carpet, you may hear about something called olefin carpeting. Olefin is simply a term for the propylene fibers used in this type of carpet. It’s popular as a synthetic substitute for wool because it brings a wool-like appearance to applications like carpet and area rugs that use a berber-style or level-loop … Read more

Green Carpet Pads & Carpet Pad Recycling

Quick Navigation Green Carpet PadsAll There Is To Know About Environmentally Friendly Carpet PadsWhat Makes A Carpet Pad Green?1. Recycling2. Natural3. Non- ToxicWhere Do You Find Environmentally Friendly Carpet Padding?Does Environmentally Friendly Carpet Padding Work?Recycling Carpet PadsWhy Recycle Your Carpet Padding?How To Recycle A Carpet Pad Green Carpet PadsWhen referring to “green carpet pads,” we’re … Read more