The Uses And Benefits Of Carpet

Carpet is a textile oriented floor covering which consists of an upper layer called pile which is attached to a backing. The pile is very commonly made from woll or fibres like: polyester, polypropylene, nylon. They mostly contains twisted tuffs which are regularly heat-treated inorder to maintain the structure at different environmental situations. It is used to cover the flooring of an entire house. They are also used in industries and commercial establishments. It is one of the most commonly used flooring types in homes and businesses. Its popularity comes and goes, but generally it’s a flooring option that’s here to stay.


Some of the reasons carpeting is so popular are:

  • warmth
  • softness
  • sound muffling quality
  • variety of color, texture and style


Some of carpet’s disadvantages include:

  • difficult to clean
  • wears out within a few years
  • holds dust, mites, and other allergens

The Advantages Of Carpet:


Even so, there are few other types of flooring that are better suited for a living room or bedroom. Carpet is popular because it provides softens the look and sounds in a room, it’s comfortable to bare feet — especially in the winter, and it’s affordable. You can select almost any color in the rainbow you can imagine or want. The variety of styles, though they come and go through time, range from shag to pile and Berber to clipped loop. You can select from carpet tiles, area rugs and wall-to-wall carpets. And the fibers used in making carpeting include nylon, wool, polypropylene, recycled plastics, and even silk. When purchasing carpeting, balance your preference, the room style and purpose, and budget. Because there are so many choices, virtually anyone can find something what they want.


The Great Disadvantages of Carpet:


The largest disadvantage of the carpet is that is needs specialized cleaning. Regular vacuuming is important, but even then the occasional deep cleaning is needed. Be sure to ask about the best ways to clean and care for your carpets when you get new ones. Carpet cleaning can be done via steaming, shampooing or dry shampooing. Even among carpet specialists and cleaners there is a raging debate about what kind of cleaning is best for the carpet, and what frequency is generally needed. Don’t forget the animals, both two- and four-legged varieties, who live in the home; be careful about what chemicals you use so you don’t make anyone sick.


How To Clean Carpet:


You can hire a carpet cleaner, or you can do it yourself and purchase or rent a shampooer. If you have heavy traffic with kids or dogs, or live in a dusty area, doing your own carpet cleaning may make sense. Sometimes all your need is to freshen your carpet with ammonia or some other pick-me-up solution.


The type of carpeting though, somewhat determines if this is a do-it-yourself project or if you need to call professionals to handle the carpeting cleaning. And I personally am cautious about solutions with ammonia, but each household is different in their concerns.
What about carpet installation methods. For example, wall to wall carpeting covers an entire room. But, it can be laid in carpet tiles as well. In this method, a small area is laid at a time. Carpet tiles allow for easier replacement of sections as they are needed, like in traffic patterns where the carpet wears fastest. With either style of carpet installation you decide on, using area rugs can help preserve the carpeting you have installed.


Selection of the right Carpet for the right place:


It is important to look for the right price on the carpet is well. You can often find a wide selection of colors, materials and affordable prices on the web. Shopping around can often lead you to a better price or even a better quality. When cheap carpeting is needed, check out carpet warehouses and discount centers. But, remember to purchase high quality carpet even if it means paying a little more. It will provide for a longer lifespan and will remain beautiful much longer. Carpet is an exceptional choice that is sure to remain around for a very long time. There are many offices and corporate industries which really want their flooring to be in a well planned and clean manner, so that it gives the clients a good idea over them. So carpeting really plays a vital role in establishing a good and classic look. It is also easy to extract, shift and install in various places where it is needed.

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  1. Hi. I’m having installed in my basement over an old VCT surface. Some of the old VCT tiles have come off. Do I need to worry about this 1/16″ elevation difference or will the carpet and pad smooth over it just fine? It is a 1/2″ pad and plush carpet.

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