Berber Carpet

Berber carpet colors are varied for your varied needs and styles. The styles and colors of Berber carpet range widely from light to dark. You can get blue, an oyster color, off-white and beige, dark brown and dark gray, sandstone and even beige Berber carpet colors. Berber carpet also has different styles from flecked to sculptured; can’t you just see a floor where the carpet colors with the sculptured Berber carpet looks like a pebble beach? Berber is durable, and when made of wool, is a natural way of finishing your home.

The color of your floor can have a huge impact on your entire room. Although most people do not put much thought into what flooring they have, your flooring choice can determine the entire style and feel of the room. Colored flooring is a great way to add color without it being right in your face like it would be if you painted several walls a bright color. There are many different Berber carpet colors available for you to make your room into that masterpiece that you have been wanting.

From light blue Berber carpet to Berber carpet that’s sandstone colored, you will find the exact carpet that fits the style and design of your room. Adding the texture and warm of carpet to a room will make it feel more welcoming and warm. If you want a design or flooring pattern, you could even use Berber carpet tiles and create a checkerboard or multi-colored effect. This is a great way to get that custom flooring look without a custom installation price.

Berber carpet colors:
If you are looking for carpeting with even more texture and interest, then you will want to look at sculptured Berber carpeting. Sculptured Berber is laid out in a geometric design that gives the carpeting more visual texture and interest. There are many carpet colors sculptured Berber carpeting available, so you are sure to find exactly that color and design that you are looking for. If you are considering sculptured Berber carpeting, then you will want to get nylon or wool Berber so that the texture will hold up. Many times in the less expensive Berbers, normal traffic can flatten or crush the texture until it cannot be seen anymore. Although the price may be higher, the durability will far outweigh the cost difference.
Choosing the color of your carpet may seem overwhelming with all of the choices available, but by considering a few things, you can find a color that you will be happy with.



  1. Determining color family is the first step. Do you want the room to feel warmer or cooler? If warmer, then you will want to go with a color in the fire family. If cooler, then you will want to go with a color in the water family. If it is a room that opens up to the outdoors, use a color from the nature’s palette, which will make the room feel larger and more spacious. Is the room connected to another area? If so, find a color family that blends with the other room too. If you want the rooms to feel connected, then you will want the same flooring as the other room. If you want them to feel separate, choose a color that is different but complimentary because it will serve to separate the rooms.
  2. Now that you have determined your color family, you need to find the shade of it to use. Lighter shades make a room feel larger and more spacious, while darker colors make a room feel cozier. Medium colors do not have any effect on the size of the room and they are easier to keep clean. Choosing carpeting that is a shade darker than your wall color is also a way to choose your carpet color.
  3. Keep in mind that the carpet will look darker than the sample when it is placed in a large area. You may want to compensate for this by going one shade lighter than your intended color.
  4. What is the room used for? A playroom would be more suited to brighter colors, while a bedroom would be more suited to muted, calming colors. If it is a room that will see a lot of traffic, then you may want to go with a more muted, neutral color to help camouflage dirt.

Using these guidelines will help you to find the right color of Berber carpet for you. There are many styles and colors of Berber carpet so it is important to research the different ones to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your choice. Whether you choose Berber carpet that is oyster colored or blue Berber carpet, you are sure to find the carpeting that you will love.

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