Berber Carpet Squares

Berber carpet squares let you create more of a custom look than rolled Berber carpet does. You can buy Berber carpet squares wholesale, at discount stores, and at flooring specialty stores. Berber carpet is beautiful and will add to any room you use it in. Looking for a natural flooring? Wool Berber carpeting may be your solution.

Are you a decorating rebel? Do you like to be different? Expressing yourself through your decorating is a fun and easy way for people to get the feel of you and your family by simply walking through the front door.

Most people do not usually think of their flooring saying something about them, but your flooring choice can have a big impact on the entire feel and design of your home. You can make your home feel warm and inviting or cold and boring simply by the flooring that you choose. Personalized flooring is a great way to make sure that you get the exact feeling that you desire for your home. Using Berber carpet squares will allow you to use your creativity and imagination to create the custom floor that you want.
With Berber carpet squares you can create any kind of design that you choose-from elegant to casual. If you are choosing flooring for a playroom or child’s room, you can use bright colors to make the room feel more fun and inviting. A living room might just need a couple of colors instead of a rainbow of colors to help it feel more elegant and warm. Choose the Berber carpet squares based on how they make you feel and how they will look with your room’s design. Don’t be afraid to have color in your flooring. You would be surprised by how great a splash of color will look.
The checkerboard pattern is not the only thing that you can do with Berber carpet squares. You can do a border around the room using different colors. Stripes would look good in some rooms. Using the Berber carpet squares as a large rug would also look good. It is entirely up to you and your imagination.
Check several different flooring stores and online to get the best price on your carpeting. You would be surprised by the wide range of prices for the same carpet between stores both online and offline. Check Berber carpet squares wholesale stores to see what kind of prices they offer. Wholesale flooring is usually found through manufacturer’s websites or their stores. If you are lucky enough to live close to a flooring manufacturer, then you will want to check there too.
Cleaning Berber carpet squares is no different from other carpet. Regular vacuuming and cleaning up spills as they occur is the best method of keeping any kind of carpet clean. If you do happen to get a stain on one of your carpet squares though, you can simply remove that square and replace it with an extra carpet square. If you have children or pets, this can be a lifesaver!
Installation is easy, too. It is perfect for do-it-yourselfers in that it simply needs to be laid down on a clean, dry floor. No other preparation is needed. Most of the carpet squares have a peel and stick tab on the back and some simply lay on the floor, but they have a special backing to keep the squares from sliding. You will be amazed at how quickly you can lay this flooring.
Using Berber carpet squares to create that custom floor that you want will give you a great feeling of pride. Use your creativity and imagination to make your floor into the showpiece that you want it to be.

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