Cheap Engineered Flooring

Cheap engineered flooring is an inexpensive way to give your home or office an expensive look. It’s also an environmentally friendly way to have wood floors because it requires less quality wood to make a great-looking floor.

Are you on a tight budget but want to change the entire look of your room? Cheap engineered flooring may be the key to giving your entire room a different look and feel for not much money. There are things that you need to consider, however, before you run out and buy the first kind of cheap engineered flooring that you can find though. What things do you need to consider before making your purchase?

Just like anything else, engineered flooring comes in many different price ranges and quality ranges. The thing that you want to do before going to the store, salvage yard, or other discounter, is learn more about engineered flooring and how it is made. This will allow you to find quality flooring for a less expensive price. That is your goal. What do you need to know about engineered flooring?


Engineered flooring is made up of several layers of wood laminated together to create a board. This lamination of several layers of wood makes the flooring very stable and strong. It also holds up well to moisture, and shrinking and expanding that happens with wooden floors is minimized.
The top layer of engineered flooring is a real wood layer, a veneer sometimes. This layer comes in many different wood types, which makes it great for the consumer because they can find the same wood as they would in solid hardwood flooring. Sometimes you can even find exotic woods, a flooring you’d never be willing or able to afford on a tight budget. You cannot see any difference from looking at the floors when it is installed.


Engineered flooring can be installed in many different areas, including moisture-prone basement areas (though you’d want to install a vapor barrier in those situations). It can be installed using many different methods as well. Engineered flooring planks are a tongue and groove construction. Some installations are nailed down, some are floated, and a few may be glued.
You can even install it yourself very easily, especially the floating floor. This is one reason many people turn to engineered flooring. Take care to tap all edges together tightly so you get a good fit and minimize gaps between planks.
Depending on whether you buy pre-finished or unfinished engineered flooring, your installation may not be done after you put the planks on the floor. If your planks are unfinished, sanding and sealing are in order. And if the planks are pre-finished, you may still want to seal them in place, which means sanding them first. Not all pre-finished flooring is durable so needs an in-place finish.
When looking at cheap engineered flooring, you need to determine which wood or look you want, whether it is oak, pine, cherry, or even a more exotic wood like bamboo or ebony. You also need to look through the boards for defects, such as chipping or pitting in the top wood layer. Many salvage yards will add on a certain percentage to your order to help counteract the culling you do to find the best boards. Look at the tongue and groove area carefully, too, if your flooring uses this. By looking at the details, you will find that you can save quite a bit of money by using cheap engineered flooring.
Cheap engineered flooring does not have to mean that you have inferior flooring. In many cases, the discounted flooring is a discontinued brand or color, slow seller, or simply an overstock. There are cases where some of the boards may be damaged, but in most cases, this is a small percentage and you can still save quite a bit of money simply by throwing the damaged boards away. You will be surprised at the price difference that can be found between flooring stores and discounters like salvage yards. If you are armed with information, then you can find cheap engineered flooring that can make your room look like a million bucks.

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