Foam Backed Berber Carpet

inexpensive change to a room, foam-backed Berber carpet tiles are the ticket. I more permanent solution, and one that takes a bit more effort, is rolled foam-backed Berber carpet.

Berber carpet sales have boomed over the last few years. Most of this is due to the great look of this classic carpeting in new homes, but it is also popular because of its ease of maintenance and cleaning. Foam backed Berber carpet is a new version of Berber carpet that is being embraced by do-it-yourselfers and many others. What is so great about it?

One of the best benefits of foam backed Berber carpet is its ease of installation. This carpeting usually comes in carpet squares or tiles (though it does come in rolls too) that can be easily installed by anyone, whether you are handy or not. These carpet tiles have arrows on the back of the tile that let you know which end is considered “top” and what direction the fibers are going, so if you can follow the arrows you can install it yourself with no trouble, and get a beautiful looking floor. If you don’t follow the arrows, your floor will look cheap. All you have to do is line up the arrows and lay the tiles down close to each other. No glue or tacking is needed because they are self-adhesive.
Another great benefit of foam backed Berber carpet is that it is hardwearing and durable. It is great for rooms where there will be lots of activity, like a child’s room, family room, or even a kitchen. The carpet tile’s backing gives you a moisture-proof barrier between your carpeting and the sub-floor, whether it be concrete, hardwood or anything else. This is great for when you experience the joy of pet accidents or spilled drinks. The carpet tiles are also easy to clean and maintain because if you cannot get the stain out of the carpeting, then you can pull up the tile and replace it with a new one. That is the ultimate in keeping your carpeting clean and free of stains and odors. This is a great benefit, especially if you have children or pets.
This carpeting is great for areas where you do not want to put down tacking strips or glue that other rolled carpet may require, but you want the look and feel of carpet. For many families, the look of hardwoods is wonderful, but when they have infants, they deserve the softness and cushioning that carpets offer. The foam backed Berber carpet offers the ability to have the cushioning of carpeting, without causing damage to the hardwood floors. When their child becomes older, then the tiles can be easily removed and the hardwood floors are intact and not damaged.
Foam backed Berber carpet is great for any room in your home where you desire the classic look and beauty of carpeting, as well as the cushiony feel under your feet. With the benefits of easy cleaning and maintenance, as well as the ease of installation, it can be a wonderful choice for any room in your home. Whether it is a temporary measure due to children or a more long-term solution, you are sure to enjoy the many colors and fibers that are available in foam backed Berber carpet.

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