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Green carpet padding, also known as environmentally friendly carpet padding, holds many advantages over the more traditional forms. There are various brands available on the market today, each of which has its own unique properties and rewards. These green carpet pads all have several properties in common as well, a few of which are outlined below:

  • Prolonged carpet life – although several different materials are used to manufacture green carpet pads they all have the effect of prolonging the life span of the over lying carpet. Some pads are made from soy based materials whereas others have a composition much like that of traditional memory foam. Others still boast a micro-cell construction. All of these green carpet pad designs however help the carpet to ‘spring back’ after being walked on, reducing overall wear and tear and the need to replace the carpet in the near future.
  • Low or non-toxicity – again this is related to the manufacturing materials. Each of the green materials helps to cut down or eliminate the release of volatile organic compound emissions (VOCs) by the carpet pads. Although harmless in small amounts these emissions are responsible for the slightly unpleasant ‘new carpet’ smell that invariably comes with a new carpet. Other chemicals such as formaldehyde are also omitted during the manufacturing process and so aren’t released over the lifetime of the carpet pad.
  • Elimination of bacterial growth – most of the green carpet pads developed so far have some form of antimicrobial treatment applied to them before being installed. This protects both the carpet pad and the actual carpet from bacterial growth, mold and mildew. It also means that any spillages that seep through the carpet to the green carpet padding don’t develop an odor if not cleaned thoroughly.

When the three points above are combined they culminate in a large improvement in interior air quality. Not only do green carpet pads reduce the amount of VOCs and other chemicals released into the atmosphere, they also stop the development of mold spores, mildew and bacterial growth that could potentially invade the air space.
Although slightly more expensive than traditional carpet pads, these new generation green carpet pads are well worth looking into. They offer an environmentally friendly way of extending the life of your carpet whilst also helping you and your family to breathe easy in your own home…two great advantages for just a few dollars more.

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