Different Kinds of Cabin-Grade Engineered Flooring

September 22, 2006
cabin grade engineered flooring
When there is a lack of wood, most homeowner get perplexed. Well, they don’t have to worry as they do have one option, which is the cabin-grade engineered flooring. This is the best choice when people want to get the look of the wood floors without any complicate installation procedures and being expensive.

Now there are various kinds and grades of engineered hardwood flooring. It is important to know about them in order to find out what kind of flooring you want and looks good for your home.

What is Cabin-Grade Engineered Flooring?

Being one of the lowest grades in the engineered hardwood flooring, the cabin-grade engineered flooring is commonly used in most of the houses. Unlike other hardwood flooring, this has knots, open cracks, bubbles and other kind of imperfections that is commonly found in woods. But this does not mean that the wood is not created or designed correctly or it is broken or shattered.

It simply means that the there are certain kind of imperfections present in the top-most layer of the wood. With regard to the installation, a professional floor installer can do the layering without doing any kind of obvious imperfections which are commonly displayed either by selecting and cutting especially on the boards for installing or where they are going to get installed.

Select And Better Grade Engineered Flooring

One important aspect of the select-and better-grade engineered flooring is that it is considered to be one of the best and top grade engineered hardwood by most of the manufacturers. Basically, unlike other engineered flooring and grade of flooring, here there are lack of any kind of manufacturing imperfections.

Even though you might come across various strains of imperfections which is due to the fact on how the particular wood consumes the stain and sometimes you might come across various wood-grain variations. Now such kinds of imperfections are not easily visible and might seem to be perfect as much as possible. You do need to keep in mind that natural products are not always perfect and the particular imperfection is just a small part of the charm present in the materials.

Common-Grade Engineered Flooring

The common-grade engineered flooring has various kinds of variations in terms of color and the grain when compared to the select-and better grade flooring. Here you can see the imperfections but somewhat the variations are glaringly stand out.

Basically, this is one of the most common flooring which you can see in the stores. Even you can come across various imperfections like streaks, tiny tight knots, worm holes, and more. However, these things show the real beauty of the given piece of wood.

Tavern-Grade Engineered Flooring

With regard to tavern-grade engineered flooring boards, they are quite heavy and are available in various easily seen variations with regard to grain and color. You might come across tight knots, open worm holes, burns, broken knots, and even imperfections such as torn grain. Of course, there might be larger holes, but they are filled and finished.

Cabin-Grade Engineered Flooring

One of the lowest grades that you come across is the cabin-grade engineered flooring. Besides that it is less expensive and in most of the cases through the proper installation, it can be difficult to view and check whether it is of inferior grade. Basically, individuals go for the cabin-grade engineered flooring for their offices as well as home because they like to have the best of both worlds – without being expensive getting a hardwood floor.

Of course, there might be certain amount of wastage because of the cutting the board so that one can discard the obvious imperfections. However, the reduced price will make up for the wastage in most of the cases.  At times the cabin-grade flooring is selected as people like to have a rustic look and get the feeling of the hardwood flooring which is of best quality.


The selection of the flooring is not decided by the room or the place where you are going to install. You need to think about the preferences you have in mind as well as the budget. There might be certain people who are comfortable with the higher and best grade engineered flooring. While other might be contented with the lower grade flooring options. The only significant information which you need to keep in mind is that there are many engineered hardwood flooring options at your disposal irrespective of what kind of budget you have.


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