Are central vacuum more of a household item?

December 7, 2007



A  central vacuum used to be considered a luxury item, but it’s now being considered more of an essential housekeeping tool. Because of the size of the holding tank, you don’t have to empty the vacuum often. With inlets strategically placed around the house the only thing you have to carry around is the vacuum hose and attachments — no more lugging a heavy vacuum around. During new construction and major remodeling jobs, when you have easy access to the wall studs, is a good time to install a central vacuum.




Homes are getting larger and larger and with the size, issues may come up with keeping the floors clean and free of dust and debris. One of the convenience items that have been added to many homes is a central vacuum system to enable you to get all of the floors clean in your home with less effort and trouble, and to save you time and energy. What exactly is a central vacuum and how does it work to help you with the floors in your home?




Having a central vacuum is important to have a clean home. It is easy to operate as you can plug  them into a wall and it is good to use. It consists of a central vacuum unit and a hose is there that has an in built power supply. It gets the power needed from the outlet it is plugged in to. The central unit is placed in the basement of the homes and there is a filter attached to it at the same time. This unit needs to be charged couple of months on an average. It is the dust that is collected inside the vacuum that needs to be dumped out. Though it is possible to repair a central vacuum by yourself , it is suggested that you avail the services of a professional.




The average cost of installing a central vacuum in a house of 3000 square feet or more is in the region of $ 1200 to $ 3000. It though depends on the power consumed and the size of the hose along with optional extras.


More about the system


A central vacuum is a system that is installed inside of your home, rather than a mobile piece of equipment. A main power unit is installed, typically in the basement or garage, that connects to the openings in the walls that you can connect hoses or vacuum attachments to. These openings are called inlets and when you plug in the hose or other vacuuming attachment, the power unit switches on and you get suction just like a vacuum cleaner. Some homes have inlets called a vacpan. This is an opening in the wall that allows you to sweep debris and dirt from non-carpeted floors into this area to be suctioned up. This whole system gives you the ability to simply move your hoses and vacuum device from room to room and plug it in, rather than moving an entire vacuum device, including the motor, up and down steps and room to room.


The uses


There are three main types of filtering systems that are used in a central vacuum. The first employs a reusable and cleanable filter that you can remove and clean easily with water and a soft brush. Another type employs a paper bag type filter, much like aregular vacuum cleaner. The final type is a bag less filtering system that requires outside venting. The cyclonic action separates the debris to remove all different sizes of dirt and debris to keep your floors as clean as possible. This is a wonderful benefit for homes that house allergy sufferers.


The parts?


The attachments and hoses that are available are just as varied as with a traditional vacuum cleaner. You can find hoses of many different varying lengths to allow you to find the right one for your particular room size and needs. There are also many different attachments that you can find, including brushes, slanted tools for getting into cracks and crevices, and more. No matter what your functional needs are, you are sure to find the right attachment for your needs to use with your central vacuum system.


How it can help you?


A central vacuum can save your time and your back. Moving a hose and attachment from room to room is much easier on your back than moving an entire traditional vacuum system, especially up and down the stairs. In larger homes, this can be a godsend that enables homeowners to keep their floors as clean as possible for their use. Whether you have a new or old home, you can find a central vacuum system that can work great for you.

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