Cork Tiles

July 4, 2008
cork tiles
Cork tiles are a fantastic flooring material. They are beautiful. They are comfortable to the touch and to walk on. They are sound mufflers. They are environmentally friendly and a sustainable product. Strive to buy cork tiles that aren’t pre-finished so you can apply your own low-VOC finish that seals the tiles and the joints between them. And use low-VOC glue to glue them down, if you aren’t using the floating cork tiles.

The beauty and comfort of cork tiles makes them an ideal choice for many rooms in your home. The warm colors and soft feel of them on your feet can make your home feel warmer and more welcoming to you, your family, and your friends each and every day. Installing cork tiles can be just the thing that will help to give your home a new and updated feel that you will enjoy for many years to come. The benefits of cork tiles gives homeowners added incentives for adding them to their homes.

Cork tiles are environmentally friendly and sustainable too. In this day and age, this can be a major consideration for homeowners who are trying to be more “green” in their construction and remodeling. Cork is made from the bark of the cork oak tree, which grows back within nine years. The tree itself is not destroyed, which is great for the environment, and what makes this flooring type a sustainable construction choice, and it can be continually harvested every nine years or so, which makes it a renewable resource. It is not unusual to find cork oak trees that are as old as 200 years old, which is excellent for the environment. Cork floor tiles are especially much healthier for the environment than hardwood flooring, which is why many homeowners turn to cork tiles for their own home.
Cork floor tiles are naturally more cushioned than many other flooring choices. Cork cells are naturally spongy, which makes them resilient and soft under your feet. These millions of cells are also great for sound reduction, because they are naturally a great insulator. This makes them ideal for rooms where sounds are loud, including recording studios, teenager’s rooms, and more. It is also wonderful for apartments and other buildings with many floors as well, because it can cut down the sound transmission between floors.
Due to a natural substance in cork, suberin, cork tiles have a natural resistance to dust mites and termites, as well as mold and mildew. This makes this particular type of flooring excellent for use in rooms where moisture is a consideration, including the kitchen, bathroom, and basement. If you are looking for a moisture proof, durable flooring, then you may not need to look any further than cork floor tiles.
Cork floor tiles come in a wide range of colors to enable you to create the perfect look for your room or home. You can even combine different colors of tile to create more of a mosaic look to give your room added visual interest and appeal. Cork floor tiles can be a beautiful and easy to install addition to any room in your home, whether you are doing new construction or simply remodeling.
Choosing flooring for a room in your home can often be overwhelming, but by considering the benefits of the flooring, whether it is cork floor tiles or another type of flooring, you will find the right choice for you. Cork floor tiles may be the choice for your room that can help to make it feel more updated, warm, and comfortable. Consider them for your next flooring project and help the environment.

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