Advantages of Design With A Kitchen Flooring Photo

Kitchen flooring photos will help you create the look you want in your kitchen by showing you the impact different flooring types have with the cabinets and colors you are considering. You can find kitchen pictures with wood flooring, tile flooring, or any kind of flooring you can imagine. A kitchen flooring photo will save you money and time in your remodel or new construction project.


Let us be honest, nobody can have a detailed imagination of how their kitchen is going to look after a particular flooring is laid on it. You may think it may look good, but it can easily end up looking completely different. Not many of us have the financial freedom to experiment multiple times and then get it right. We need to hit gold the first time and this is where designing with a kitchen floor photo can come to your rescue.


Visualize better with kitchen floor photo


Are you trying to decide on what new kitchen flooring that you want to purchase for your home? Looking at kitchen flooring photos can help to give you an idea of what the flooring will look like in your own home. Research is vital when you are making a big investment in your home and installing different kitchen flooring is an investment that should not be taken lightly. Looking at a kitchen flooring photo can really help you to determine whether or not a specific type of flooring will work in your own kitchen. Just because a certain kind of flooring worked somewhere else doesn’t mean it will have the same impact in your place. Understand that there are a lot of factors that decide the ultimate look and feel of your kitchen. To this end, the role that kitchen floor photo can play is quite brilliant.


Finding kitchen flooring photos


Where can you find kitchen flooring photos? The internet is one of the best sources for photos. Type in what kind of flooring that you are interested in and you will have thousands of websites listed. Many of them will have multiple pictures of kitchen flooring for you to look at. This is the easiest way for you to see how the flooring will look all together. Looking at a 12″x12″ tile or wood plank won’t really help you envision the over-all over look of your kitchen floor. You can find kitchen flooring photos of just about any kind of flooring, including cork, bamboo, tile, wood, or laminate to help you come to a decision about the flooring choice for your kitchen.


Looking at kitchen flooring photos can also help to spur your creativity in creating a kitchen that you will be proud of. Many of the photos will include the entire kitchen and you may find your dream kitchen just by perusing website pictures. If you find one that you especially love, then print it out. You can use the photo to help you create your own kitchen design plan. This is a great tool for you to see how different flooring choices look with cabinets, paint colors, etc. to help you determine the best look for your kitchen. If you are planning to hire a professional to get the flooring work done, you can simply show them the photo and tell them that this is what they want. They never go wrong with such a strong visual model at their disposal.


Giving your kitchen the perfect look


The kitchen pictures with wood flooring will help you see how different kinds of wood and finishes can make a kitchen look larger or smaller, or more casual or elegant. Looking at how people install their wood flooring and tile flooring in different designs and patterns can help you find the look that you desire for your own kitchen floor. Do not be afraid to try patterned flooring. You may be surprised by how much more expensive that it makes your flooring look just by adding pattern and design to it. It gives it more movement and makes the entire kitchen more inviting.


Using kitchen flooring photos as a tool for remodeling your kitchen can really benefit you. Most of the photos are photos of kitchens designed by interior decorators and you can borrow their ideas for free just by looking at and printing out a picture. Of course, you may have to do the work yourself, but just think of the accomplishment that you will feel when you have a beautiful kitchen that looks like it jumped right off of the page of a magazine.

15 thoughts on “Advantages of Design With A Kitchen Flooring Photo

  1. We currently have ceramic tile in our entryway and throughout the kitchen. We have carpet in the living room. We are thinking of either putting tile in the living room or possibly putting wood flooring in the living room. We are just not sure if it would all go together.
    Any suggestions?

  2. I’ve seen wood and ceramic tile go well together — beautifully in fact. Carpet is comfortable, but it’s not easy to keep clean — I mean really clean. The advantage of hard-surface floors is they clean up well and don’t harbor allergens.
    Bring several wood flooring samples home to put with your tiles and see how they each look in different light during the day. That will help you choose the wood that goes best with your tiles and home.

  3. Help we have just had the builders in to knock down our kitchen wall and open up into a dining room. Now my problem is what kind of flooring should I get. I want something hard wearing because I have a dog but something that offers the wow factor as its a huge room. Should I go for a real wood floor and would a light wood go with dark kitchen units or should I go for a light flooring the stuff that looks like vinly but isnt looks like a tile but isnt as cold as a tile.
    Any suggestions please would be appreciated.

  4. Ah, the fun begins! I love demolition projects, and the work that follows is fun too. I think you are on the right path with your wow-factor flooring desire. Having a flooring that will hold up to the dog and to traffic in general is smart. But be aware that you want a flooring that won’t be slippery.
    The best way to decide what flooring options will go with the cabinets and decor you already have is to bring samples into the house. You can see how they work with the different lighting as morning turns to afternoon and evening, and then how lights interact with it all. Dark and light can go well together, but there is more to the blending than that — colors and tones matter too.
    You can go with wood, laminate flooring, stone or ceramic tile to get the wow factor that will hold up to the dog and traffic. Bamboo and cork flooring can fit the bill too, especially if you can finish them with a hard finish once you get the floor installed.
    When you take this information and narrow it, come back so we can talk about your choices.

  5. We are just starting our remodeling project, we will have beautiful natural cherry cabinets and the beautiful granite counters THEN the floor…we have a dog, a daycare, and two youngs kids, we were going to do heated tile, but we worry about chipping it, I have ALWAYS wanted wood, but, it scratches and shows hair, now we are looking at linolium, can it be beautiful like tile? I don’t want ot make a mistake!! Thank you

  6. Hi Janet,
    Yes, lino can look beautiful like tile. Tile is very durable, it would take an awful lot to chip it. Whichever you go with, just be sure to seal very well too – with a product designed for the type of flooring you install. Good luck!

  7. We are installing cream cabinets against the wall and have a chocolate center island. Granite counters are “star beach” which has creams, browns, a little black and a few silver specs. Trying to decide a floor and backsplash color. We have stainless applicances. We like tile (either porcelain or ceramic). Any suggestions on what type flooring and color? Thanks.ei

  8. Hi Pat,
    I think it would depend on what other feature(s) you want to coordinate with. I would usually suggest trying to compliment with the counter tops rather than the cabinets as it can make for a lot of the same color tone towards the bottom of the room. Sometimes though, the counter tops are dark and some people don’t want a dark floor. This would be where I would suggest getting some sample tiles to give you a better visual idea of what you think would look best. You and I may have different tastes after all! ;~)

  9. We are planning on taking up a section of carpet that is in front of a door and put in porcelain floor tiles surrounded on all sides by prefinished plank flooring, we have a slab house so its definitely concrete underneath, how do we go about sticking all this stuff down, the tile boxes say not to use a cement based mortar and how do I stick down the wood, its really pretty when its done, I have seen it in several homes and would like to do it in our home. I was told to use a mortar with a latex additive for the tile and a double sticky tape for the wood part, that would make them two different depths, I am getting frustrated because I get different stories from all the tile stores in our area, help, before I do just lay down just tile and no wood…

  10. Hi there!
    Yes, you can do it this way or use a spreadable adhesive for the wood part. It sounds like the flooring that you want are two different heights to begin with, right? The only way to get the flooring to be the same height is to build up the part that is going to wind up being lower if you didn’t. OK, that doesn’t quite sound right, but I think you know what I’m getting at. How much of a difference in height do you think there would be without doing anything to adjust?? Tiles come in all sorts of thicknesses, you might just need to choose another tile.

  11. We are in the process of remodeling our kitchen. It’s now traditional with white cabinets, brown granite counters, and stainless steel appliances. The kitchen is part of a large “great” room, which also contains our breakfast room and den. The whole area is in excess of 1,200 sq. ft. We installed vertical carbonized Bamtex Bamboo in nearly the entire house about five years ago (including the great room). However, now that we are remodeling, we need more for the revised design. Unfortunately, Bamtex has changed and the style is much darker and the finish is different. We can’t locate any more to match what we have. It will look very odd if we use the new stuff instead of our current floor. Our options are limited: (1) replace the entire floor, which would be very expensive; (2) try to use some kind of unfinished product and refinish the entire floor; or (3) use some kind of different surface in the kitchen area of the great room (maybe cork, tile, different wood, etc). Any thoughts on how I should handle this? HELP!

  12. Hi Ken, have you tried looking at bamboo from other manufacturers to see if they have a similar style?

    Cork would be a nice complement to your bamboo flooring and there is a wide range of colors available in the cork which would allow you to choose one that would go well with the bamboo.

  13. Do you have a site that will show kitchen designs that have a tile and wood floor combination? I am having trouble finding any pictures with this combination. I first saw this design idea in a local parage of homes show, but didn’t get any pictures. Thanks, Susan

  14. Glen,
    Not knowing what type of floorboards or for what surface I am going to direct you to the search box. You can complete a search by scrolling up to the top of the page and on the right handside you will see a “search” box. Type in floorboards and off you go!

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