Electrolux Vacuum Cleaners

November 16, 2007
electrolux vacuum cleaners
I grew up with an Electrolux canister vacuum cleaner; my mom is still a proponent of Electrolux vacuums. But reviews indicate that Electrolux isn’t the king of vacuums any longer, though it’s still an adequate vacuum cleaner.

Electrolux vacuum cleaners are made by Sweden-based Electrolux Group, which also makes kitchen appliances such as stoves and grills; laundry machines; and professional laundry and cooking appliances.

The Electrolux vacuum cleaners family includes canisters, uprights, lightweights, and the unusual category “automatic”. The designs of Electrolux vacuum cleaners are generally rather clunky for a Swedish firm, and their prices are above average for products of similar performance.

Even Electrolux lightweight or wand vacuum cleaners feature double HEPA filtration and a unique “self-cleaning” dust cup. The latter is a vacuum port that sucks residual dust out of an emptied dust cup. Where it goes is not immediately apparent, but it may well end up in the air. Electrolux vacuum cleaners are replete with indictator lights telling you when the brush roll is working properly, when the bag needs replacement or the dust cup needs to be emptied, etc. Such things should be easy to observe and evaluate by common sense alone. Self-retracting power cords are nice touches, but the weight of a typical Electrolux is usually above average for its class.

Consumer reviews on Amazon.com for Electrolux vacuum cleaners are a mixed bag (as it were). Some feel the machines work as advertised, while others expect more from commercial-quality name brand. A number of reviewers seem to have problems with lightweight Electrolux vacuum cleaners’ rechargeable batteries, which run out of power before their cleaning chores are done. This could be a matter of expecting a full-house cleaning out of a lightweight touch-up product, or it could indicate defective batteries that do not take a full charge.

The Electrolux Twin-Clean canister vacuum cleaners have two motors, one for suction and one to power the brush roller. The dedicated power supply gives the roller extra deep-cleaning power, and allows one to turn off roller power for cleaning bare floors. Bagless models feature one-click dust cup dumping, and all feature double HEPA filtration. Unfortunately, many consumers report problems with plastic parts breaking after as little as one week of use.

The Electrolux Harmony Ultra-Quiet canister vacuum cleaner is “engineered to prevent air escape”, according to the company; this results in quieter operation and fewer emissions, apparently. With wands for carpets and bare floors, the agile Harmony Ultra-Quiet is a capable vacuum cleaner weighing a slim 12 pounds. But at $242 to $400, its price is in the heavyweight category.

The Electrolux Trilobite automatic vacuum cleaner looks like something from a distant space age, and its four-figure prices is astronomical, too. The Electrolux Trilobite is high-end competition for the $100 to $300 Roomba robotic vacuum cleaner made by iRobot. Reviewers agree that the Trilobite has more power, but most reviewers feel it cleans no better than a Roomba. Everyone agrees that a robotic vacuum cleaner randomly roaming a room is no substitute for a systematic, dirt-conscious human being with a regular upright vacuum cleaner.

Overall, Electrolux is a marginal name in the vacuum cleaner industry. Its products are high-priced and their performance is middle of the road. Reliability can be an issue on lower-end models. Vacuum cleaners are not Electrolux’s forte.

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