Hardwood Flooring

December 12, 2008
hardwood flooring
Hard wood flooring, or more commonly spelled “hardwood flooring”, is a time tested approach to finishing a building. Hard woods tend to be more durable than soft woods, making them more cost effective in the long run. Going with an engineered hard wood floor is more environmentally sensitive because less of the hard wood is needed. And if the wood is FSE (Forest Service Evaluated) the flooring is even better.

The right flooring can make such an impact upon your home that it can give it a whole new look and appeal without any other remodeling. Hard wood flooring can add warmth and life to a home like nothing else can, and it holds up well to the daily wear and tear of a family or co-workers. The lifetime appeal of hard wood flooring is what leads many people to choose it for their home remodeling and new home building.

There are many different varieties of hard wood flooring that enable you to customize it according to your personal preferences and needs. From the classic oak, maple, and walnut to the more exotic woods like bloodwood, padouk, and wenge, you can find the exact type of wood that will express your own individuality and style. The exotic hard wood flooring types may be more expensive, but they will look more unique and transform your home into that welcoming and beautiful space that you need.
Is your most important consideration for hard wood flooring the color? Deep chocolate tones and bold reds can be found in hard wood flooring varieties, as well as yellow, tan and blonde tones. This large variety of colors, tones and textures will allow you to find just the right look for your room and decorating style.You will enjoy looking at and choosing from the many different varieties of hard wood flooring that can give your home a brand new look.
Is there a correlation between the durability and hardness of the hard wood flooring? Not necessarily. While the hardest flooring varieties seem to be the better value because they will hold up better to normal wear and tear, this is not particularly true. Even the hardest of hardwoods will dent or ding if they are not taken care of. The key to keeping your hard wood flooring beautiful is proper maintenance and prevention.
Installing hard wood flooring can be as simple as fitting and locking the planks together as a floating floor or as complex as using glue or nails to affix them to your subfloor. The floating floor option is, of course, much easier for even the least experienced do-it-yourself person, and the other two options can be done yourself as well with some planning and preparation. The glue down installation method can be quite messy, so be sure that you keep that in mind when you are choosing which hard wood flooring installation method is best for you and your preferences. If your budget allows, you can get a professional to install your hard wood flooring to take away the stress away from yourself.
Hard wood flooring can give your entire home a new look and appeal and can add value to your home. Whether you install it yourself or have it professionally installed, you will find that it can make a huge impact upon your home’s look and feel. The many varieties of wood that are available, both classic and exotic, will allow you to make a huge impact upon your home without having to remodel the entire home.

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