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Slate flooring is beautiful. You can select slate flooring tile in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, letting you create various designs. Natural slate flooring comes in a variety of colors, mostly dark, contributing to your design. Installing slate flooring isn’t much different from installing any stone flooring. Slate tile flooring is easy to clean and maintain, if when installing it you are careful and seal the resulting floor. Now check with your slate provider and installer on how to clean slate flooring and about the care of stone flooring in general.


Slate as a stone which makes for flooring that is nothing short of amazing. If you are looking to purchase stone flooring for your home or business, slate is a choice to think hard about. While it is more expensive than other types of flooring, it will last a long time.They are a reasonable deck and because of its hard-wearing abilities and life span, are a standout amongst the most practical sorts of stone flooring.Slate floors compliment all outline sorts from contemporary to conventional. It provides you with a durable, hard to stain surface and with some of the most beautiful textures and patterns available.


Slate flooring is often purchased as slate flooring tile.There is tremendous assortment accessible when hoping to source slate tiles; this changeable rock can be found in various hues and molded tiles which takes into account genuine singularity. Slate tiles offer an actually slip-resistance surface and can in this manner be the perfect ground surface for a kitchen or lavatory. The tile can be purchased in a variety of shapes to make any design or pattern that you want. High temperatures take very tiny particles of clay and silt and bond them closely. The resulting stone is impermeable so liquids don’t penetrate readily. This leaves you with very few stains and virtually no cracking (as long as it is laid correctly, that is.)


Slate tile flooring offers many features. For example, the impurities that are in the silt and clay that make up slate provide for a wide range of colors. You can often choose from dark colors like black, red and green, lighter colors like various shades of gray, and combinations of these colors. This makes it an excellent choice for virtually any color scheme in a room or house. That color variety also lets you create interesting and beautiful patterns.


Another benefit is that you can purchase it in a variety of shapes and sizes. That goes for patterns as well as thickness. You can choose tile squares or go with large slabs. It is quite versatile.


Installing And Caring For Slate Flooring


When it comes to installing slate flooring, you should consider calling in the professionals. If you are a capable do-it-yourselfer, you can do the work on your own, otherwise step aside for a professional. Some words of caution though. You need to ensure that you cut the slate properly or go with precut tile pieces. If it is cut improperly with the wrong tools, it will snap, reducing its value and usability. Also, it is important that you pay attention to the grouting process. Because of the natural texture of slate, you will have a more difficult time grouting. You can avoid this by grouting after you have sealed the flooring.For whatever length of time that the slate ground surface is introduced on an appropriate sub-floor, your slate deck ought to be exceedingly impervious to any sort of harm. On the off chance that you have any uncertainty about the suitability of the surface where you need to introduce your slate flooring, it is best to counsel an expert before you endeavor any establishment methods. A note about sealants: if you opt for a high shine sealer, the dirt and dust of every day use will show more than a low-sheen sealer.


As for how to clean slate flooring, you will use the same method that you would for the care of stone flooring of any type. A bucket of warm water without any powerful chemicals is the best method. Keep up on the maintenance of sealants, as well as keeping the grout chip free, to maintain the integrity and beauty of the slate.Slate is a natural stone and will require in-depth knowledge of the exact products that will achieve the best possible clean without damage. Industrial-strength rotary cleaning machines are then used to agitate the cleaning solution, which is then rinsed thoroughly and dried.


Slate flooring is beautiful and durable. Not only do the color choices make a statement, but the textures add interest not found in most other stone floorings. Slate is an excellent choice for your flooring needs. It’s an excellent choice for an entryway, kitchen, sun room, or even living and dining rooms.

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  1. Hi, I have read so much information on laying slate tiles. I recently found at Home Depot slate tiles that are irregular, but are actually a type of pattern meshed together to form a shape. I already purchased thinset- but recently read I should maybe use a medium bed mortar. What is your opinion? Oh by the way, I am laying this slat found in the garden section on a front porch, which includes a step to the side walk and a step up to the house – any recommendations or thoughts would be welcomed!

  2. I could really use some more information about the slate you’re planning to install. I looked at Home Depot (online) in the garden section and didn’t see any listed for online or in store shopping.
    Some things to take into consideration are how thick the slate is, if it’s real slate vs. shale (real slate is much more durable/long lasting), is your porch covered or open and the weather in your part of the country.
    I do think your idea of a medium set would be a good choice, especially since the steps and at least some parts of the porch will get a good deal of foot traffic, and I’m guessing that you’ll probably have some patio furniture as well.
    Sealing your slate is also very important – so don’t forget that last important step! That subject is also covered at this site.

  3. I have a question about slate floors? We are remodeling our bathroom and we are using multicolor slate for the floors(12×12) and around the bath/shower(4×4). The salesperson at Home Depot told us we shouldn’t hang slate on the walls b/c it is too heavy? We kinda compared several different tiles with the slate and most of them seemed to be about the same wt. What do you think? Also I know you specialize in floors but, what color do you think is the best color for the walls with a slate floor?


  5. Hi Danielle!
    I don’t see why installing slate on the walls should be a problem as long as the walls are sturdy enough and so long as the manufacturer’s instructions are followed. You could also call the manufacturer to see if they think it’s ok as well. As far as what color would look best, I haven’t a clue! :~) I don’t know what colors you’ve decorated with. The colors are really up to you – YOU know what YOU like.

  6. Hi Patty! Have you tried using a microfiber mop? That might help. The floor has been sealed well hasn’t it? Is the slate rough around the edges or on top too? Are the slates a bit uneven? Slate is sharp and as you know, mop strings can get caught if your floor has any of these characteristics. Hope a microfiber mop works better for you!

  7. There is a white residue on our slate floors where the ridges are on each piece. Do you know whatis causing this and what might remove it?

  8. Hi Rose,
    Are you referring to the edges of the tiles? I’m sorry, I’m not exactly sure what you mean by ‘ridges’. Have you noticed this ever since it was installed or has it begun recently? How long since it was sealed/polished? What kind of a floor is this covering/what room/what level of the house. Sorry, lots of variables to try to narrow down what’s going on.
    If it’s along the edges, it could be that the grout wasn’t completely removed from the edges before it was sealed and/or polished.
    If the ridges that you refer to are throughout the tile surface then it could be a couple things:
    1. You have moisture coming up from beneath the tile, probably because there’s not a good moisture barrier underneath.
    2. The floor was inappropriately sealed/polished, possibly with products that were not created specifically for slate/stone flooring.
    3. It could just be time to strip and reseal.
    If you cold give me some more info it’d be much appreciated, then I could help you better.

  9. just layed grey slate floor in kitchen. it is a bit dull looking was wondering what we could do to give it a slight sheen rather than a bright shine.

  10. Hi Gerry,
    Basically, it’s matter of how high of a traffic area you have and when it looks like it’s time to reseal your flooring. I think you might be actually be talking about when to strip the finish, not the sealer. The sealer is still ok so long as water beads up. Just be sure that whatever you use is formulated to strip whatever is already on your floor and be sure that what you use to reseal or refinish your flooring is formulated for your specific flooring type. As far as how to do this, be sure to follow the instructions on the label, and check out the product(s) website(s) for more helpful hints, information etc. There will probably be a phone number on the website you can use to contact them if you feel the need to talk to a real live person. ;~)

  11. I just purchased slate from Homedepot. They are all assorted colors. How do you start to decide hw to lay. I have chosen the brick pattern but should I lay by color or just grab and lay. Totally overwhelmed

  12. What is the product line called or the SKU (upc) number? I’m looking at Home Depot and not finding any – I was wanting to see just what you bought so I could find out more info about it.
    What room are you installing this in? What kind of floor is already there where you’re going to lay this slate down?
    As far as what colors to lay where, it’s really up to you. I’d suggest getting some of the bricks out and setting them down both ways (by color and by just grabbing out of the box) and see what you think. It’s pretty hard for me to give an opinion on anything without knowing what the product is.
    Have you done any research to find out what you need to set the tiles? Are you going to need a vapor barrier? Have you decided what you’re going to use to seal & finish the tiles & grout with?

  13. ok thanks for being there! last year We laid a slate floor in our garage. It is a mess….all faded from a once black to faded grey, spotty and frustrating. I scrubbed the life out of it today, and now am faced with a problem. Do I reseal the floor. It is a year old. What product can I use. thank you sooo much winnie

  14. Hi Winnie,
    Do you remember if you put a polish on the slate after sealing it? If so, call the manufacturer and find out what they recommend to strip off the polish. You might luck out and not have to reseal if water still beads up on it afterwards. That means it’s still sealed and all you’ll have to do is apply at least a couple coats of polish.
    If you don’t remember what you’ve used, read through the articles, questions & answers here. You can also use the search function at the top of the page on the right-hand side.

  15. hello and thanks for replying. this moning the floor looks smoky and dreadful. As I already said, it was black slate and is now a smoky grey and black in spots Can you suggest a good polish remover. Then, what product should I finish it with, or is it a goner? I am so dissappointed with this floor. Does it have anything to do with the cars, it is grey even where the cars are not parked. you have to see it to believe it. thanks so much…winnie

  16. Hi Winnie,
    I cannot tell you for sure what’s going on, but I’m guessing there must be some sort of moisture issue since it sounds like it’s getting hazy (smokey). I obviously can’t know if it’s moisture from under the slate or on top of the slate. You might have to try a few different products to find one that’s going to work for stripping. I say this because we don’t know what was used on your floor.
    I hear good things about Aqua Mix products, so you might want to check into that. Just always be sure follow the directions, if you have questions you can always check out their website or call the phone number on the bottle.
    Hope that helps!


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