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Slate flooring is beautiful. You can select slate flooring tile in a variety of shapes and thicknesses, letting you create various designs. Natural slate flooring comes in a variety of colors, mostly dark, contributing to your design. Installing slate flooring isn’t much different from installing any stone flooring. Slate tile flooring is easy to clean and maintain, if when installing it you are careful and seal the resulting floor. Now check with your slate provider and installer on how to clean slate flooring and about the care of stone flooring in general.


Slate as a stone which makes for flooring that is nothing short of amazing. If you are looking to purchase stone flooring for your home or business, slate is a choice to think hard about. While it is more expensive than other types of flooring, it will last a long time.They are a reasonable deck and because of its hard-wearing abilities and life span, are a standout amongst the most practical sorts of stone flooring.Slate floors compliment all outline sorts from contemporary to conventional. It provides you with a durable, hard to stain surface and with some of the most beautiful textures and patterns available.


Slate flooring is often purchased as slate flooring tile.There is tremendous assortment accessible when hoping to source slate tiles; this changeable rock can be found in various hues and molded tiles which takes into account genuine singularity. Slate tiles offer an actually slip-resistance surface and can in this manner be the perfect ground surface for a kitchen or lavatory. The tile can be purchased in a variety of shapes to make any design or pattern that you want. High temperatures take very tiny particles of clay and silt and bond them closely. The resulting stone is impermeable so liquids don’t penetrate readily. This leaves you with very few stains and virtually no cracking (as long as it is laid correctly, that is.)


Slate tile flooring offers many features. For example, the impurities that are in the silt and clay that make up slate provide for a wide range of colors. You can often choose from dark colors like black, red and green, lighter colors like various shades of gray, and combinations of these colors. This makes it an excellent choice for virtually any color scheme in a room or house. That color variety also lets you create interesting and beautiful patterns.


Another benefit is that you can purchase it in a variety of shapes and sizes. That goes for patterns as well as thickness. You can choose tile squares or go with large slabs. It is quite versatile.


Installing And Caring For Slate Flooring


When it comes to installing slate flooring, you should consider calling in the professionals. If you are a capable do-it-yourselfer, you can do the work on your own, otherwise step aside for a professional. Some words of caution though. You need to ensure that you cut the slate properly or go with precut tile pieces. If it is cut improperly with the wrong tools, it will snap, reducing its value and usability. Also, it is important that you pay attention to the grouting process. Because of the natural texture of slate, you will have a more difficult time grouting. You can avoid this by grouting after you have sealed the flooring.For whatever length of time that the slate ground surface is introduced on an appropriate sub-floor, your slate deck ought to be exceedingly impervious to any sort of harm. On the off chance that you have any uncertainty about the suitability of the surface where you need to introduce your slate flooring, it is best to counsel an expert before you endeavor any establishment methods. A note about sealants: if you opt for a high shine sealer, the dirt and dust of every day use will show more than a low-sheen sealer.


As for how to clean slate flooring, you will use the same method that you would for the care of stone flooring of any type. A bucket of warm water without any powerful chemicals is the best method. Keep up on the maintenance of sealants, as well as keeping the grout chip free, to maintain the integrity and beauty of the slate.Slate is a natural stone and will require in-depth knowledge of the exact products that will achieve the best possible clean without damage. Industrial-strength rotary cleaning machines are then used to agitate the cleaning solution, which is then rinsed thoroughly and dried.


Slate flooring is beautiful and durable. Not only do the color choices make a statement, but the textures add interest not found in most other stone floorings. Slate is an excellent choice for your flooring needs. It’s an excellent choice for an entryway, kitchen, sun room, or even living and dining rooms.

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  1. Our lovely slate tile is being installed as I type, but we have one concern: One area that is being tiled is where we keep the upright piano. Will the piano be too heavy and crack the new slate tile, or is the tile pretty resilient? Thanks!

  2. We need to replace the tile under and behind a freestanding woodstove. It is for a home that is vacant and unheated during severe winters, so we need tile that will withstand exteme heat and freeze. We are thinking about slate. Do you have any suggestions for us?

  3. Hi Lanee,
    I don’t know if it will be too heavy or not, it will depend on the thickness of the tile, how good of a subfloor you have, and how heavy the piano is. I really don’t think you’ll have any problems though.

  4. I have a slate floor on an outside deck. I am having a lot of problems with the slate powdering and chipping. What can I do if anything to solve this problem? Thanks

  5. Hi Jeff,
    Sounds to me like this is a soft slate, one that’s not intended for outdoor use, at least in your climate. You can try sealing it with a heavier coat of whatever sealant you’ve selected before.

  6. an installer put my slate tiles on the wrong side. should I have him take them up and put some again on the right side? can you lay slate on the smooth down side and is it as durable?

  7. Hi,
    I purchased slate which came in a kit ranging in sizes..The color is called California Gold. It was actually laid out in the tile store’s floor. I liked it. The tile in the stores was finished with a color enhancer and brightener which darkened the floor and gave it a wet..but matte look..also the tile is textured too which I thought would be nice in my tudor victorian house..I’m going for the stone..iron pewter look with dark trim and vanilla wall…My tile arrived and I have it layed out ..not yet grouted..My tile guys have not put the finish on it yet. The tiles are predominantly gray with touches of browns, reds golds…I think it has too many colors ..and is distracting, a little like an water and gaseoline and oil slick effect. I know I want to use a sealer that darkens and brightens the slate, but I now would like to simply the the grays and blacken the rusts and golds and reds..neutralize it a bit ..I think what a need is more gray blue.. .Is there a stain or paint to achieve this before sealing…I see on your site that you suggest sealing before guys did not get that message..too late for that now.
    thanks for any advice…

  8. I have to choose a floor for a brand new porch/3-season room and I’d love slate. There’s a very thick concrete pad underneath. My concern is that it will heave and flake since we’re in upstate NY and the room is not heated. I also worry about sharp edges on dog feet and noxious sealing products. I fell in love with the India(n) slates but then started looking at the Daltile continental slate porcelain tile (not as nice). (Does the Daltile continental slate Brazilian green have as much variation as the pictures seem to suggest? The sample I saw didn’t seem to.) Do you have any thoughts for me? Thanks.

  9. Hi KMC, you do have legitimate concerns regarding the use of slate for your porch.

    Were you actually able to get a sample of the Daltile or are you just referring to a picture? I would recommend trying to see an actual sample of the Daltile to help you make your decision.

  10. TFL,
    I guess I won’t go with the slate. (I won’t plant palm and coconut trees in the yard either.) The picture of the Daltile Continental Slate in Brazilian Green showed a lot of variation. The sample I saw in the store did not. Actually, I assumed the picture was of a mixture of several colors but it was just the green. Here’s my question then: will larger or smaller tiles show the most variation? My space is 13 x 13 and I need to decide the size of the tiles and whether I want a pattern or straight grid. I want the best chance of looking like slate as possible. Thanks for your thoughts.

  11. Beverly – Maybe you can help me. I saw a picture of a fireplace done in a linear fashion with polished slate tiles about 12×24 and it was spectacular. Well now I’m looking for slate in that shape and can’t find anywhere. Can you lead me in the right direction? I am on Long Island.

  12. HELP! We run a painting company,and recently painted a kitchen with oil and water based paints. The customers weren’t supposed to have the floors down when we began, but they had them installed early. I papered and taped thoroughly, but something apparently got on the floors. Now the owner is saying that on a few of the tiles, the waterborne sealer isn’t being accepted. It could be paint thinner. What to do???!


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