Understanding Wide Pine Flooring

Installing wide pine flooring is generally considered more of a country look that narrow or variable-width plank flooring, but that doesn’t have to be the case. Installation may save some labor costs because it requires less stapling than narrow planking (few planks to staple). If you really love the way the floor beneath your feet looks, then this kind of flooring is a great choice, as it can transform your house with a rich glow that could not be seen in any kind of flooring. And moreover, it gets more attractive and richer as the pine wood ages.


Why choose this kind of flooring?


Selecting wide pine flooring can be a beautiful addition to any home. Wide planks seem to make a room more visually appealing, open, and inviting. This kind ofpine flooring has an aesthetic beauty like no other. The use of the wider planks dates back to pre-colonial times where it was used in most homes. Historic homes all over the United States, from antebellum homes in the South to ranches in the West to saltbox homes in the North, all feature this kind of flooring.


Extremely Durable


The beauty of this kind of flooring is due to the character of the wood. Pine flooring is a soft wood, but this softness makes for a beautiful look that is incomparable. The dings and dents that come this flooring only makes for a more visually interesting and appealing flooring will help to give your home a more welcoming and inviting look that you will fall in love with. Many people feel pine is not appropriate for flooring, because of the softness, but this softness is what makes it so beautiful. If you have been searching for a beautiful and visually stunning floor that you will enjoy for many years to come, then this may be just the thing that your room needs.


Sanding a Pine Floor


Sanding is an important process while installing wide pine flooring. It needs to be done carefully, or else you may tend to damage your wood with gouges. If you are doing it yourself, then a square buff sander may come in handy, as it is easy to handle and work on the sanding process. You need to use multiple belts during the sanding process, as during the initial sanding process, try using the 40-grit belt to sand the rough areas and high spots and gradually change the belt sizes, when you continue. For edges and doorway, the square buff sanding doesn’t help, as it can’t reach into it, so manual hand sanding is required.


Best Suited for Larger Rooms


Selecting wide pine flooring is also a way to make a home look and feel larger. The wider planks can make even the smallest room feel more open and inviting. The wider planks also reduce the number of seams in a room, which decreases the distractions that the eye sees and this makes the whole area look and feel more spacious. If you want a way to make your room feel larger, then these pine planks can be just the thing to change the way your room looks and feels. The wider planks can also be easier to install, because you need fewer cuts. This can make the process much easier.


Ideal Choice for Your Home


If you are searching for a way to make your home feel warmer, more open, and more inviting, then installing wide pine flooring could be the thing for you. This flooring comes in a wide variety of stains or you can choose to go with the more natural look of the pine covered in a water-based polyurethane to help keep it looking beautiful. From reddish to tan to dark brown stains, whatever color that you have in mind, you are sure to find or be able to create with this type of flooring.




Installing Wide pine flooring has been used for centuries in homes all over the United States. It is a beautiful and visually appealing way to add a touch of the old to your home and room. This makes a room feel more comfortable and it adds a touch of classic beauty that is only found in older homes that have been lived in and enjoyed. If you have small rooms, but would like for them to feel larger, then this kind of flooring that can give you that look and feel that you want.

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