Wood Floors in the Kitchen

Do you like wood floors in the kitchen? It is possible to have wood floors in the kitchen and they are multiple advantages of it. So, are wood floors best for your kitchen?


Frankly, hardwoods were never considered appropriate for the kitchen use some time ago as it used to cause potential water damage. But through proper sealing, you can use them in any of the room of your home.

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Selection in wood flooring


There are two major choices you have with regard to wood floors in the kitchen. You can go for hardwood flooring or the laminate flooring. Both of these wood flooring will make your kitchen warmer and welcoming. Seriously, who does not want a kitchen that looks exquisite and beautiful!  Such kind of kitchen encourages people to spend more time and harness their cooking skills.




The best thing about using hardwood is nothing can match the warmth and beauty it brings to your kitchen. Yes! They are one of the best wood floors for your kitchen. But the only drawback it has is the cost. It is a bit expensive but the value it gives to your home will be significant. It will be worth the price difference among other kinds of flooring and hard wood floor in the kitchen.


These hardwood flooring comes in various kinds of wood choices as well as you get choices in terms of the finish. So, it is guaranteed that you can get the exact look which you need. Furthermore, keeping the floors clean will not take a whole lot of time. With regular damp mopping and sweeping the floors will be clean and shiny. So, it means that the maintenance cost associated with cleaning the kitchen is less while selecting the hardwood floor for the kitchen.


Laminate Flooring


One of the best alternatives for wood floors in the kitchen especially if the hardwood is out of your budget constrain is the laminate flooring. In addition of being less expensive, this laminate flooring is quite easy to install because the finish is already present in the flooring planks.


Some of the manufacturers of the laminate flooring are aware of the issue with regard of the off-gassing process. This is corrected by most of them from the factory. So, by the time it comes to the customer, there is nothing to worry about. Now this is a great feature for the chemically sensitive individuals.


A good and proper installation of the laminating floor can make it difficult for any individual to tell the difference between wood flooring and it. This is the major reason why various households are drawn towards them. Features like low cost, durability, easy to install, etc; makes laminate floor as one of the most popular choices for flooring for all rooms in the home, and this includes the kitchen too.


Benefits of wood and laminate flooring


The major benefit of wood floors in kitchen especially both laminate and hardwood flooring is they are quite apt for families who are suffering from allergies. Hardwood floors assists in keeping your home free from all kinds of dusts, molds, mites, and various kinds of allergens. These allergens do not get stuck in the hardwood flooring like it does in carpets. So, this makes the air quality of your home better and clean.


Basically, when allergens sit on top of the flooring, it sometimes becomes difficult to remove them. But using proper removal techniques and equipments, one can remove these particles from the room and thus help in reducing the asthma attacks and allergy problems.


Wrapping Up


Now whether you are selecting hardwood flooring or the laminate flooring for the kitchen, you have to ensure that they are the best and most suitable for your family. We all know that kitchen in most of the homes is the central hub of many activities. In addition, you need to select floorings which are durable and very much easy to take care of.


It is all about selecting the wood kitchen flooring which is easy to take care as well as durable. Make sure to select the wood floors in the kitchen which can make you feel good about your kitchen. Simply to put it straight, if the floor makes you feel happy, safe and warm then you will be happy with it for many years. Just install wood floors in the kitchen and see how proud you will become of your kitchen.

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  1. Hi Jack,
    Heh, tricky situation, isn’t it? If you can’t get to the area with a hammer, it is considered ok to glue that piece down. ;~) Simple, eh? You can also take out the cabinets and dishwasher so you can install the new flooring under those if you wish. Yes, it’s a lot more work, but some people like this approach so that it can all be nailed down.

  2. Hello,
    I am ready to stain the wood floors of my 1890s Victorian in Milwaukee, WI. Half is original and other is new red oak. I have a blend of white oak, maple, and new red oak. My kitchen cabinets will be installed next–they are a cinnaman cherry color. What are my options on color of stain to use on the floor? I really wanted to go darker than lighter, but I worry about contrasting dark stains between cabinets and floors. I also worry about the over darkening experience I could create. There are windows everywhere, big ones, so light is not a problem. what are your thoughts? Thankfully in WI,

  3. Hi Kevin, It really depends on the look that you are going for. If you have plenty of light coming in, then I really wouldn’t worry about the room being to dark if you add a dark stain to the flooring.

  4. What about concrete? I’m interested in the possibility of concrete in my kitchen. We have a ranch home and i like the idea of durability because we have two dogs. Your thoughts??

  5. Are wood floors for the kitchen a good idea with 2 kids and 2 dogs? I worry about scratches. Are there cetain top coats that hold up better?

  6. Leanne,
    I refer back to the article “The only drawback may be the cost of the flooring, but the value that you add to your home may well be worth the price difference between hardwood flooring and other types of flooring.”
    Contact a local professional in your area to find the right floors for you.


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