Arts and Crafts Kitchen Floors

December 21, 2005
If you thought the Arts and Craft style was simply furniture and accessories at home, then you are wrong. This consists of flooring as well as design of the home. Simple and relaxation are the two features of the Arts and Craft style and that is what your home needs.


Interestingly, the materials used in Arts and Craft style are more natural and earthy. What makes Arts and Craft style beautiful is the beauty of the natural look and the presences of low cost in terms of mass production, making it a good choice. An Arts and Craft home can be described as a bungalow which is built and designed from 1900 to 1930 using beautiful woodwork and oak floors. An important aspect of any 2Arts and Craft home is the presences of the Arts and Craft kitchen floors.


History of Arts And Crafts


Firstly, let’s check out a bit of the history of Arts and Crafts Movement. Basically, the Arts and Craft design style was a normal move from the mechanical and tedious procedure of furniture manufacturing and other kind of furnishings. The major aim of the Arts and Craft design is to pass away from the ornate and jump into a simple and clean line.


Basically, from the early days, the goal of Arts and Crafts proponents was to merge craftsmanship, beauty and basic functionality. Somewhat it was conceived that the furnishing in terms of furniture needs to come from craftsman. In a sense, it has to be designed and hand-built by craftsman rather than getting assembled and manufactured at factories by machines. Getting the furniture from factories where machines or underpaid workers churn items for mass production will lack any of creative and design.


Arts And Crafts Kitchen Floors


If you simply adore the design style, then you are bound to select the Arts and Crafts kitchen floor. No doubt that is the best thing about Arts and Craft kitchen floor. It is often made from natural materials. So, it provides the kitchen a rustic and kind of welcoming feeling. Here, wood floors which are mostly in the form of oak can be considered as one of the major choices in Arts and Crafts design. Chances are there that the plank or parquet can either be stained or polished due to having a dark finish.


Natural Stone Tiles


No doubt, natural stone tiles are commonly and frequently used in Arts and Craft style homes. You should go for the natural ones and simply avoid the bright and bold color ones. Select the color for the stone tile which can be easily seen in the nature and once it is done you are on your way to get the best Arts and Crafts kitchen floors.


All you need to keep in mind is that the flooring choice that you use must be durable, easy for cleaning and looks ravishing as your kitchen is one of the best and often used rooms in the entire household.




Are you aware that stenciling is one of the common and often used design styles in Arts and Craft design? Make sure to keep in mind that the stencils have to be simple and not ornate. The colors have to be calm and muted. Even though stenciling is becoming common, you need to keep in mind that the Arts and Craft design style has to be simple and that is most important.


Just imagine how muted, soft, and simple design can easily add enough variety and attractiveness to your kitchen. Plus this would help in adding a touch of color without making a movement from the Arts and Design feel of your kitchen.




Frankly, there is no doubt that Arts and Craft Kitchen floor is the best and fun design style for your kitchen and for you. The beauty of this so called handmade design is so priceless and something that you are going to adore. Your kitchen will be more welcoming and a feeling of extra comfort will be there for everyone who walks into it.


Most people never realize that kitchen is the sanctuary. It is a place where you and your family feel safe especially being at home. By implementing the Arts and Craft design style you are not only adding warmth but even beauty to the kitchen floor as well as to the rest of the home.


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