All You Wanted to Know About Floating Engineered Flooring

July 13, 2007
floating engineered flooring

Installing floating engineered flooring might be an environmetnally friendly way for flooring your house, because it uses scraps and waste of wood rather than new wood. The biggest issue to concern yourself with is the off-gassing associated with gluing the layers togehter. Some manufacturers handle the off-gassing at their plant. Furthermore, this flooring selection is more stable than solid wood, making it a good all-round flooring choice throughout your home.

Why Choose Floating Engineered Hardwood Flooring?

Wood flooring has a warmth and beauty like no other type of flooring, but the price of hardwood flooring has a warmth and beauty like no other type of flooring, but the price of selecting floating engineered flooring can offer you as well, which can help increase the appeal of this type of flooring for you and your home.

What Makes A Wood Floor Floating?

The fact is that installing floating engineered flooring means it is not stapled to the subfloor, but is clicked together through the tongue and groove system, and “floats” one your subfloor. This approach is especially valuable on concrete floors and flooring with infloor radiant hot water heat.

Inexpensive And Cheap

The price is one of the best things about this kind of flooring. The price of this type of flooring can be significantly less than the hardwood flooring and you can find just as many different kinds of wood. This price difference enables homeowners of many different income levels the ability to purchase this type of flooring for their home. Also cleaning floating engineered flooring is also relatively easy and quick.

Moisture Resistant

Another great benefit of selecting floating engineered flooring is that it can be installed in almost any room in your home. It is moisture resistant, due to its construction, and this means that it can be installed in a basement, bathroom, or other moisture prone area.This type of flooring is generally constructed of many layers of inexpensive wood with ahardwood layer. Bamboo engineered hardwood flooring is made totally of bamboo. This layered construction is able to contract with moisture without buckling or rippling, which is unlike hardwood.

Easy Installation

Most types of floating engineered hardwood can be easily installed by most do-it-yourselfers as well. The click and lock planks only have to be installed over a moisture barrier and no glue or nails are needed, because it is a floating floor design. You only have to cut some of the boards to fit and just simply place, click, and lock the pieces together. In no time at all, you will have a beautiful floor that will last through many years of wear and tear.

Various Methods Of Installation

Lock and Fold 

With this method, you don’t need any glue, nails or staples, you just need to lock the boards with another board in the right place and fold together, as simple as that.

Glued Installation

This is a system where you will be installing floating engineered flooring using glues, which are applied to the grove and the ends of the board.

Satisfaction Guaranteed

Engineered flooring can make your room or home feel warmer and more inviting with the many different types of wood and the many different stains that are available. By having a number of choices, you will be able to find the flooring that is right for your home. By finding the right flooring for your tastes, your home, and your lifestyle, you are sure to have a flooring that you will be satisfied with for many years to come.

Extreme Durability

The durability of this kind of flooring is very high. The thicker the top layer, the more durable it will be. If you want flooring that will endure through pets, children, and the test of time, you want to find an engineered flooring choice with a thick top layer. Get the most for your money, and get more refinishing’s from this flooring choice. How thick of a top layer should you look for? A top layer of 2-4mm will be durable for most anyone’s lifestyle and home.


Selecting floating engineered flooring for your flooring needs provides a lot of benefits as outlined below:

  • You can install these kind of flooring over most of the subfloors as long as it is level, clean and dry
  • Installing these type of flooring is really easy as you do it yourself without any need of a professional help, as long you have the necessary knowledge and sufficient tools in hand
  • The main advantage is that, it can be removed from the floor without any damage to the room, if you opt to install a new floor
  • Installation cost is also less, when compared to other kinds of flooring

Installing floating engineered hardwood flooring can be just the thing to update your room and home to help make it more welcoming and inviting. The price is right for any budget, the durability is high, and the beauty is unmatched. What more could you want from your flooring choice.


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